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Dozens of factors influence every school district’s ability to meet its goals. The districts that succeed develop actionable goals and strategies to meet them.

School IQ is here to help your school leadership plan for a successful future. We offer school district strategic planning services that provide the focus educational institutions need to grow.

Partner with School IQ to work with former educators and superintendents with decades of experience creating strategies for schools.

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What Is K-12 Strategic Planning?

K-12 strategic planning gives school district leaders a thorough map that guides them toward their long-term goals. Creating strategic plans for educational institutions involves setting goals, assessing resources and plotting steps to use those resources in the pursuit of key objectives. Strategic plans can work toward goals like academic improvements, financial growth, personal development and community support.

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Benefits of Strategic Planning in Education

Strategic planning offers several benefits for school districts. Our K-12 strategic plan development process:

  • Unites district leaders around the organization’s goals and the methods for measuring success.
  • Cultivates environments that encourage collaboration and strong leadership.
  • Encourages engagement and investment in each child’s education from the entire community.
  • Improves the quality of education the district can provide.
  • Enhances the district’s financial efficiency.

The Strategic Planning Process

Our extensive process will help your district solidify its strategy and achieve its goals. We break multiyear strategic planning into 10 steps.

1. Create and Organize the Planning Process

Our facilitators will meet with district leaders to determine goals and set a timeline to meet them.

2. Clarify the Current Organizational Mission

We’ll review your organization’s current mission to ensure unification across all parties.

3. Identify Organizational Constituents

Your leaders will share which groups within the community have a stake in the district’s actions, then we’ll determine which are necessary to include in the planning process.

4. Clarify Organizational Mandates and Organizational Issues

We’ll collaborate to identify state and regional mandates that apply to the organization and the resources necessary to comply.

5. Assess the Internal and External Organizational Environment

We’ll analyze and share your district’s strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results.

6. Honor the Past to Build for the Future

We’ll review and discuss data on academic trends and achievements over the past 15 years.

7. Planning for the Future

We’ll assess current educational trends to see which would most benefit your district’s student performance.

8. Common Future

Our team will aid your staff in planning steps and allocating the funds needed to achieve the district’s goals.

9. Create the Strategic Plan Report

We’ll produce a strategy draft for your planning team to review, then revise the draft with their suggestions in mind.

10. Evaluation and Support of the Plan

School IQ facilitators will conduct biannual progress reviews on the dates your leadership team determines.

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About School IQ

School IQ is a facet of SitelogIQ focused on enhancing school districts’ strategic plan and educational offerings through comprehensive services and learning opportunities. Our team of former school leaders such as board members, superintendents, and educators understand the challenges school districts face and how to navigate them successfully.

For more on our strategic planning services for K-12 institutions, contact School IQ online today!

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