School and Business Partnerships

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Long-term relationships between businesses and schools enhance the learning experience of students and staff while benefitting the local community.

School-business partnerships through School IQ will support your students with practical and authentic learning experiences. We will help you create partnerships that benefit your students’ learning and allow the partnering business to gain a return on its investment.

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What Is a Business Partnership With Schools?

A school-business partnership is a cooperative relationship between your school district and a local business to:

  • Provide materials, resources and opportunities for students to learn real-life skills.
  • Work toward a community initiative, like mentorships or apprenticeships.
  • Share relevant knowledge and skills with teachers to improve teaching strategies.

Businesses in these partnerships share their time and expertise with students and educators to impart valuable skills. The school district gains new knowledge while strengthening its place in the community. These partnerships allow schools and businesses to work together to benefit students, educators and the region as-a-whole by developing programs or changing systems.

What Is a Business Partnership With Schools?
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Benefits of School and Business Partnerships

The school-business partnership service by School IQ offers an opportunity for your students to gain real-world experience from industry and past school professionals. Students can work on projects tailored toward specific industries to build their knowledge and skills.

School IQ will help you build a program that allows your students to engage in hands-on learning with support from local businesses and organizations. We can also design and develop projects for your school district.

Business partnerships with K-12 schools offer many long-term advantages for school districts. Students can learn about different industries, interact with professionals and solve real-world problems. Through business partnerships with schools, students will gain skills in the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Project management
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration
  • Inquiry

Other benefits of a business partnership with K-12 schools include:

  • Bringing real-world relevancy to learning.
  • Exposing students to new opportunities and options for their career or higher education.
  • Creating opportunities for community involvement in schools.
  • Supporting the local economy.

The businesses or organizations involved also benefit from the partnership by:

  • Educating the future workforce in everyday industry-related problems and tasks.
  • Allowing employees to gain teaching skills by working with students and educators.
  • Increasing publicity from their work with schools and improving their image in the community.
About School IQ

About School IQ

School IQ is a school leadership consultant comprising former board members, superintendents, education strategists, and thought leaders with an average of 30 years of experience. We partner with K-12 colleagues and offer comprehensive, customized solutions to help you create equitable learning experiences and positive outcomes for students.

As former educators, we understand the challenges your school district faces. We take the time to understand your problems and will partner with you to create solutions designed for your district.

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A business partnership with K-12 schools benefits schools and businesses alike. School IQ is ready to partner with your district and support your school’s initiatives. Contact our team today to learn more about our school-business partnerships service.

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