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The factors that shape education constantly evolve, and it’s up to school board members to keep up with the changes. K-12 school board workshops from School IQ engage board members in a collaborative process of determining the district’s needs and navigating its various challenges.

Our courses cover financing, educational trends and policy, open meeting and bidding laws, labor practices and more. Your school board members will understand the aspects that facilitate equitable education for all students.

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What Is a School Board Workshop?

Our school board workshop program is an opportunity for decision-makers to learn more about what it takes to provide enriching educational opportunities. At School IQ, we offer a series of school board workshops featuring lectures and discussions on important education and business topics led by experienced education professionals.

We supplement our learning materials with videos, simulations and hands-on activities that solidify the vital lessons. Your board members will learn to offer equitable education through intentional policies, procedures and curriculum.

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Pre-Assessment Components

Before beginning our School Board Workshop, we’ll conduct a series of pre-assessment procedures. First, each board member will submit a questionnaire. Then, we’ll interview your district’s board chair and superintendent. These questionnaires and interviews will help us gauge your district’s needs and craft a workshop.

Workshop Components

After completing all pre-assessment components, we’ll customize a workshop around your district’s precise needs. Our workshop will focus on solidifying pragmatic board governance models, improving relationships with the superintendent, faculty and community, encouraging collaborative leadership and more.

Your board can expect to address the following areas during our workshops:

  • Summary of pre-assessment
  • How well we know each other
  • Healthy teammates make a healthy team
  • Self-awareness
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Politics that influence the board
  • Building upon a united board
  • Board vision and mission
  • Board self-evaluation
  • Inspiring board integrity
  • Commitments

Benefits of School Board Workshops

While each board member from your district is there because of their experience and passion for education, there’s always more to learn. Policies, demographics, facility needs and other influential factors change over time. Our school board workshops lead to benefits that help board members embrace the future of education. Work with us for:

  • A culture of open communication and accountability between board members, district staff and the community.
  • Deeper reflection on individual performance.
  • Transparency regarding every policy and procedures’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Actionable goal setting and long-term planning.
  • Stronger leadership in the district’s pursuit of its goals.
  • Decision-making efficiency and accuracy.
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About School IQ

Strengthening your school board is possible with help from an experienced team that creates positive outcomes for every student. School IQ is a professional service company with compassionate, insightful professionals who are ready to lead your school board through profound workshops. The former board members, superintendents, and educators comprising our team prioritize partnership and collaboration to help board members navigate the most specific situations.

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School board workshops empower board members to be the best they can be for every student in the district. Submit a contact form to discuss school board enhancement strategies and workshops with School IQ.

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