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Leadership is valuable in every organization because it impacts student performance. It’s also a crucial skill for principals, superintendents, and other professionals who direct the future of their schools. Using the right leadership model in your school can help you create a trusting, committed environment that promotes learning and growth.

Do your school leaders have the tools they need for success? The superintendent leadership training program from School IQ will help you create a learning organization for your educators that teaches essential leadership skills.

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What Is Education Leadership Training?

K-12 leadership training helps school professionals at every level hone their leadership skills. Education leaders include superintendents, principals, and anyone who works with educators for guidance with the curriculum and educational programs. School leadership must make many crucial decisions, and K-12 leadership development support help education leaders make their school a productive learning environment for all students.

School IQ will help you create a learning system that meets your students’ potential and needs. We offer tools and processes that have been proven in the field, and we support education leaders at all levels of development. This training will help you create an educational environment that recognizes and celebrates each student’s potential.

Our leadership development program will help you ensure:

  • Your school is a learning organization that supports all students.
  • Your education leaders understand their strengths and use them accordingly.
  • Your system is effective and efficient.
  • Your organization is poised for growth and advancement.
What Is Education Leadership Training?
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K-12 Leadership Development Process by School IQ

School IQ offers superintendent leadership development workshops to help educators understand who they are as leaders and the value of shared leadership. Our sessions cover topics such as:

  • Communication and reflection for effective teams.
  • Creating systems that support all students.
  • Decision-making and consensus-building.
  • Future-forward learning environments.
  • Innovation and collaboration for future-focused organizations.
  • School improvements for impact.
  • Social-emotional learning needs for staff and students.
  • Team building.
  • Time management.
  • Understanding and implementing the change process.

Since every school district has different needs, School IQ takes a flexible, tailored approach to education leadership development. We’ll discuss your district’s goals with you. Then, our team of Thought Leaders will present some customized service options for you to consider, which may include:

  • Assessment of district needs.
  • Professional learning based on a theme over multiple sessions.
  • Professional learning based on a topic.

School IQ offers one-, two- and three-year plans to help your leadership team expand their knowledge.

About School IQ

About School IQ

School IQ helps school leaders and districts create positive outcomes and equitable learning for students. We are a cohort of educational professionals — including former board members, superintendents, education strategists, and thought leaders — with an average experience of 30 years. We understand the challenges you face and want to help you implement principle training programs and other solutions to achieve success.

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K-12 leadership development positively impacts students, teachers and the community. Contact School IQ today for more information about our education leadership training workshops.

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