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School IQ’s feasibility process builds the capacity of school administrators to develop educationally sound, financially affordable options that earn the surrounding community’s support. The goal of our K-12 school feasibility process is to study and adjust if needed, a district’s educational offerings and facilities in partnership with school leadership.

Our services allow districts to offer a more enriching educational experience with their available resources. Contact School IQ to discuss our feasibility process for your district.

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Benefits of the School IQ Feasibility Process

At School IQ, our feasibility process yields value for every district. Our process has several attributes:

  • Focused: We use our feasibility process to identify districts’ needs and understand the context and resulting implications. This method enables us to develop specific goals and plans to help your leadership team meet them.
  • Thorough: Our feasibility process goes beyond the general K-12 school feasibility study, acting as both an educational and facilities analysis to integrate data and information to identify more areas for improvement.
  • Customized: Every district has unique needs, and we tailor our feasibility process offerings accordingly. We’ll partner with your administrative team to determine the best options to plan, scale, implement and budget for your unique situation.
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Five Core Elements of the K-12 Feasibility Process

Our feasibility process consists of five core elements:

1. Education

Our feasibility process’s primary goal is to help school districts provide the best educational experience for students. We’ll assess your district’s academic needs to develop plans that help teachers perform optimally and provide an effective, enriched, learning experience.

2. Demographics

We partner with nationally recognized demographic firms to perform historical enrollment reviews that predict growth or decline over time. Using this data, we can recommend long-term strategies and projects to address everything from district facilities to staffing and curriculum.

3. Finance

The financial portion of our feasibility process looks at the last 10 years of a district’s budget expenses for education and facilities, then projects the next five years in both areas. You will have a clear picture of how any changes will impact your district’s bottom line. This process enables a district to manage resources proactively for the future.

4. Facilities

We offer comprehensive facility services, including design, commissioning, construction and more. Working together our professionals collaborate to provide best in class services, eliminating gaps in the process. We are available to manage every aspect of facilities assessment and development projects under a single flat fee. Say good-bye to change orders and surprise fees!

5. Community

Community engagement is essential to any district’s ability to provide quality education. Our teams take surveys, form focus group committees and conduct interviews that gauge the district’s needs according to students, staff, families and other community members. Then, we’ll work with your leadership team to design a committee to receive information, develop and assess suggestions, determine the most feasible options and present them to the school board for consideration.

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About School IQ

School IQ is a professional services company committed to helping school district leaders achieve future goals. Our staff features many former board members, superintendents, finance directors, and educators with years of experience leading teams, designing educational curricula, enhancing learning facilities and developing economic strategies. We also have in-house architects, designers, engineers and builders capable of informing or implementing facility construction projects. Our mission is to ensure greater access to quality education, so trust School IQ to partner with your organization to elevate the impact of your organization.

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School IQ offers a feasibility process that empowers district decision-makers to scale their education and facility offerings according to student and community needs. Please submit a contact form to speak with one of our team members.

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