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K-12 organizations change with students’ needs, and every class is unique from the last. Constant evolution can put school leaders in the difficult position of needing to unlearn old habits and develop new ones. It’s vital to support your school’s leadership with resources that help them adapt to change so they can continue to provide a positive educational experience. School IQ’s K-12 cohort facilitation services establish an infrastructure that empowers leaders to grow with your organization.

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What Is Cohort Facilitation?

Our cohort facilitation services provide evidence-based strategies for school leaders so they can readily navigate complex organizational changes. Your leaders will meet with our expert facilitators every month to learn and practice methods that enhance their professional flexibility and decision-making skills.

Every cohort facilitation meeting is an encouraging, confidential opportunity for school leaders to learn together. School leaders leave each session feeling better equipped to educate their students and more connected with the organization.

What Is Cohort Learning?

Our K-12 cohort training program relies on and establishes cohort learning — a methodology that prioritizes collaboration around a common topic. During cohort learning sessions, your leadership team will learn about their evolving field while also learning more about each other. Our process involves lectures, group discussions and breakout sessions where leaders gain valuable information and practice what they learned in a low-stakes environment.

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Learning Goals of Cohort Practice

Our cohort facilitators collaborate with educators to develop objectives that focus on each cohort member’s needs and desires. We push leaders to improve by striving toward five goals:

  • Reflection: Prioritizing self-assessments to ensure educators’ successes and areas for improvement are always clear.
  • Innovation: Learning and applying the latest concepts, principles and tools that drive education.
  • Discovery: Analyzing common problems and intricate dilemmas as a team to find innovative solutions.
  • Equity: Considering challenges and solutions through a new lens with the goal of fair education for all.
  • Support: Creating a supportive infrastructure where educators can help each other through any challenge.

How Cohort Learning Can Benefit Your School Leadership

School leaders perform at their best when they have the resources and support they need to navigate complex challenges. Our school leadership cohort training program lays the groundwork for a connected school leadership team that’s ready for constant growth.

Group learning experiences foster long-term relationships between leaders so they feel more connected to each other, the organization and the district’s goals. We provide a safe environment for cohort members to learn and practice new leadership skills that drive the district forward.

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About School IQ

School IQ is a professional service company committed to helping school districts provide every student with the highest quality of education. Our various services and events teach school leaders to make the most of their situations and formulate plans that work toward brighter futures. Our team of former board members, superintendents, and educators lend their expertise to customers with the goal of finding personalized solutions to every district’s unique challenges.

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Cohort learning empowers school leadership team members to embrace change confidently. We encourage you to contact us online to discuss how School IQ’s K-12 cohort facilitation can make a difference in your district.

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