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The School IQ business process team focuses on reviewing all aspects of an organization’s financial and operational practices. The ultimate goal of a school business review is to ensure your school district has what it needs to improve performance while adhering to the approved budget.

We provide an objective perspective to help school leaders improve across all areas of finance and business. Our partners receive information gathered from a series of studies and interviews that enable their school administrators to make informed decisions regarding hiring employees, utilization of facilities, revenue projections, budgeting, reducing expenses and more.

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School IQ Business Process Review

Our K-12 school financial review process addresses a few key aspects. We’ll send your school leadership business reviews that contain information regarding:

  • Budget: We’ll audit your business calendar and timeline, student counts, salary projections, and expenses to develop a detailed budget and compare it against variances. Additionally, we can assess levy planning, certification and communication.
  • Fund analysis and operational costs: Our experts will determine your organization’s current operating costs, then organize the data by student or square footage across each of your district’s buildings. Other offerings include projecting cash balances over the next three years and conducting 10-year financial histories on all funds.
  • Human resources and negotiations data: We analyze employee contracts and negotiations, assess human resource information like insurance and employee benefits, and provide workflow and staffing recommendations.
  • Personalized services: We aid in district-specific long-term financial planning. Additionally, we can provide personalized assistance for audits, annual meetings, truth-in-taxation and other areas upon request.
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Benefits of a School Business Process Review

The students in your district deserve the highest quality of education you can provide. Our business review for K-12 schools pinpoints areas for improvement and structures plans for meeting new goals.

We enact in-depth review processes that help school administrators better understand their district’s financial needs. Greater awareness of the district’s financial realities and end goals allows leaders to develop stronger plans and more precise budgets.

Ultimately, our business process review service empowers your school district to operate with greater financial efficiency, unlocking new opportunities to expand your educational offerings.

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About School IQ

At School IQ, our mission is to provide the information school districts need to make the best financial and business decisions. We are a professional service company backed by a team of former superintendents, board members, finance directors, and educators with decades of experience in K-12 economic development. Our experts will lend their objective analysis to find areas where your district can improve and ways to navigate its greatest challenges. Count on School IQ for a thorough, personalized assessment of your district’s business processes.

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After an in-depth review of all business and financial processes, your school district members can learn to use resources more efficiently. School IQ conducts business process reviews to produce actionable insight that district leaders can use to reach both immediate and long-term goals. Our experienced team will work closely with your district’s decision-makers to improve financial efficiency where it counts.

For more information on our business process review services, submit a contact form. Contact a member of our team today.

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