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As school leadership consultants, we partner with you to address educational complexities and develop plans that ensure your district is well equipped for future-ready learning environments.

It’s the reason why we invest time up front listening and learning to best understand the needs you wish to address and the goals you are striving to accomplish. Our team of experienced educational leaders will work with you to develop a customized solutions set that is unique to your district’s needs and the students and community you serve.

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School Board Workshop

School boards face more challenges now than ever. The School IQ team of experienced school board members and superintendents will partner with you to navigate through challenging times and continue to build a cohesive team focused on organizational success. Our board development team is also very skilled at helping good boards take intentional steps to be a school board of excellence.

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Strategic Planning

Understanding that a Strategic Roadmap is a key component of successful school districts, School IQ has created a unique process that encourages community involvement and shines a light on future focused trends in education. Community engagement with stakeholders, an informed review of data, and an emphasis on planning for future-forward learning are the hallmarks of our strategic planning process.

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Cohort Leadership Facilitation

Learning with a cohort promotes long-term relationships and provides a safe place for educators to learn and grow together. Content for the cohort focuses on the needs and desires of the members and is centered on evidence-based strategies for dealing with complex change in organizations. This is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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Business Process Review

The School IQ business team can provide an objective perspective in all areas of school finance and business. The team will give you options to consider for different processes and approaches. School IQ offers a variety of solutions to enable your team to perform at its best and maximize your budget.

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Executive Coaching

As the complexity of school leadership continues to evolve, senior executives need to adapt and grow at a rapid pace. Our coaching process utilizes various methodologies to help executives develop just-in-time options for personalized solutions in a safe and confidential environment. Our cadre of School IQ coaches have deep levels of experience and knowledge. We can provide resources, examples, and connections to help your district manage complex situations effectively.

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Leadership Development

Is your organization truly a learning organization? Do your leaders understand their own strengths and challenges? Is your system aligned for maximum effectiveness and efficiency? Is there a growth mindset throughout the organization? School IQ customizes one-, two- and three-year plans to expand the capacity of your leadership teams.

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Feasibility Process

The goal of the feasibility process is to identify and fully understand the needs of the District – develop feasible options that must be educationally sound, fiscally affordable, and supported by the community. A feasibility process encompasses a customized educational and facilities study of the district. Other parts of the feasibility process can include demographics, finance, and community engagement. The scope, cost, and time of the feasibility process is determined by the District’s needs.

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School and Business Partnerships

Progressive school districts understand the strengths that long-term relationships with businesses and outside organizations can bring to the learning experiences for students and staff. Our School IQ administrators have developed these partnerships and can assist you in creating a plan that supports students and offers a return on investment for partner organizations. This process offers practical experiences you can implement immediately.

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