School Boards are at a Crossroads

Dr. Lee Pritzl
Educational Strategist

There is a concerning trend developing for school boards across the nation.

There are currently three times the amount of premature school board member resignations than prior to the pandemic. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has published several articles highlighting the current status of school boards and the common thread appears to be the number of partisan politics from both sides influencing decision-making.

In our work with school boards, we are hearing first-hand the high level of threatening statements from guest speakers at meetings, and several board members are deciding the “service” they agreed to shouldn’t include threats and damage to their cars, houses, and other property. In some cases, board members feel the security of their own families at risk. There are even other situations where some board members are demonstrating bully-type behavior towards their board member teammates.

The pandemic has brought out some of our worst behaviors and words, however, I’m hopeful brighter days are just around the corner. If we can use the past two years as learning opportunities and boards begin an intentional process of teamwork on behalf of students, the future can be bright for our school boards.

This is a great time for board and K-12 leadership development and teamwork training.

School IQ (a SitelogIQ solutions set) is positioned to partner with districts giving access to the most sought after thought partners in the country without the large cost. The school board workshops / retreats are very popular and receive powerful testimonies about their effectiveness to help boards move from “good enough” to exceptional!

We are better together.

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